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Coding and Compliance Reviews

Compliance watchdogs are everywhere making certain that you are billing appropriately as well as protecting the private health care information for your patients. The latest statistics say 20% of patients are fearful their medical information will be misused. CMS states that 30% of all claims are rejected. Do you know if your coding and documentation measures up? Do you know if there are leaks in your clinic regarding the protection of patient health information?

    The Service

  • HIPAA Compliance Review
  • Compliance Plan Review
  • Evaluation/Management Documentation Review
  • National Specialty Specific Evaluation/Management code comparisons
  • CPT Procedure Code Documentation Review
  • RAC Compliance Audits
  • ZPIC Investigations

    The Benefit

  • Hands-on review of individual compliance issues
  • Identification of potential "red flags" in coding situations
  • Classification of coding errors
  • Individualized training specific for the provider's needs

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