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Today, practitioners face far greater challenges than any other time in history. Maintaining a primary focus on providing quality medical care is not enough anymore. Practitioners must also adhere to a mounting list of rules and regulations that confound procedure and protocol and add complication to an already complex environment. Acronyms such as RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors), MAC (Medicare Audit Contractors), and ZPIC (Zoned Program Integrity Contractors) have never been more important to comprehend. Wise practitioners surround themselves with the support of experienced and knowledgeable advisors who can clarify and simplify the complexities at hand, offering counsel, training, and solutions to these challenging times in healthcare.

As healthcare practices began to experience sweeping changes in the early 1990s, Renee M. Brown, founder of Medical Practice Consultants, Inc. (MPC), saw the physician community develop a need for professionals who could educate and assist them in addressing these vast regulatory and billing changes. Because of this developing need, MPC was formed in 1992. Since its formation, MPC has distinguished itself as one of the leading consulting firms in the Southwestern and Midwestern United States, specializing in providing its healthcare clientele with the guidance and expertise to navigate the complexities of reimbursement and compliance.

Our firm is comprised of carefully selected professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals of compliance in billing, coding, and documentation, which results in a more informed, profitable medical practice.

Because of our widely recognized expertise, MPC has been retained by some of the most prominent healthcare law firms in more than 14 states throughout the U.S., including Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Florida. MPC has advised, trained, and consulted our clients on a vast array of compliance and reimbursement matters – providing them with sensible, straightforward guidance to their questions and solutions to their concerns.

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