For questions, or to speak with a representative, give us a call at 405.848.8558.

"Renee's expertise is second to none - she has an uncanny ability to provide quick insight regarding complex billing and coding issues. Her ability to draw on her knowledge and serve clients with such knowledge is remarkable.

"Renee grasps her client's own issues and needs. She makes them her own. Because of the way she personally adopts her client's issues and needs, she genuinely helps us provide a better service to our own clients."

– Michael Malloy, Partner, Consulting Services - J. Taylor & Associates

"I have been extremely impressed and pleased with Renee's services. Renee's knowledge, professionalism and quality of work are second to none....Renee always takes a common sense approach to solving problems that allows for practical and efficient solutions....I have received nothing but positive feedback from my clients who have engaged Renee's services, many of whom have retained her on an ongoing to basis to provide training and other education for their employees."

– Richard Mullins, Attorney at McAffey & Taft

"Trust is critical in our business. So, when our healthcare clients need specialized, expert assistance related to billing and coding requirements, Medicare reimbursement compliance, and medical records documentation, we know we can count on Renee Brown and Medical Practice Consultants to provide knowledgeable, prompt, and efficient service.

"Renee has consulted with our lawyers on highly complex regulatory compliance matters, and she always provides solid and reliable advice, guidance, and expertise. She has assisted a number of physician groups and their office personnel on Medicare billing, coding, medical records documentation, and related regulatory and compliance requirements. Renee is a top choice for us when we need special assistance in these areas, especially when the risks to our clients are significant and prompt attention is important."

– Michael Joseph, Attorney - McAfee & Taft

"Our collections were at a standstill… Medical Practice Consultants performed a thorough review of our coding, billing and collection practices. Several areas were identified and protocols were established. We have such a respect for MPC's Renee Brown. It's reassuring and comforting to know I can call and get an answer from someone who knows me and knows my practice. Anyone can do the work, but if you can't bring in the income and stay compliant with government regulations. …Well, she has made the difference in those areas."

"When I set up my practice, I had three employees. It has grown to four providers and 40 employees. That kind of growth and complexity would have been impossible without her. She understands benchmarking, billing and coding, so we can make the targets every month. You've got to have direction in life. MPC's Renee Brown provided the direction."

– Rheumatologist, Craig Carson, M.D.

"The first suggestion I made to the partner I brought in was to call MPC's Renee Brown.

"She may be the single most important practice person I have met in 25 years of practicing, especially when I went out on my own. She is such a straight shooter and so dependable. She's the top drawer; she's the best. I can't imagine opening up a practice without her. On or off the record, she's excellent.

"She is qualified in so many areas and is so intelligent about selling a practice, billing-service recommendations and fee schedules. She has so many contacts with people who can help."

– Michael Glass, M.D., Obstetrician/Gynecologist

"I'm able to make a living and do it very well because of MPC's Renee Brown."

– Jeremy Cole, M.D.

"Renee (Brown of MPC) is the most asked-for seminar speaker. When it comes to physicians' offices having her as a speaker is wonderful. She is the premier of knowledge. If you don't know something, she is the one to go to for answers. She is highly requested. Her seminars for us, which she offers twice a year, sell out with no less than 100 attendees."

– Sheri VanOosten, prior Manager of Mercy Central at Mercy Health Center

"Renee Brown has partnered with us for years to provide educational in-service programs for medical-staff physicians and their staffs. They rely on these annually and always leave with a wealth of knowledge and an eye-opening experience. Everyone loves Renee's 'no nonsense' style. The physicians respect her incredible speaking ability and knowledge in the practice management seminars.

"I sent out a flyer Monday and, by Tuesday, I had 40 reservations and room for 60. You put her name out there and they will come. She is a huge asset."

– Angie Dugan, prior Physician Liaison for INTEGRIS Health of Oklahoma City

"To me, (Renee Brown of MPC) not only walks on water but she spots the fish."

– Ed Bertels, prior executive director of Procure Treatment Center

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